A team passionated, enthusiastic and future oriented

Stéphane is a born entrepreneur with the appetite of the greatest. His technical know-how, validated by the winning of the competition of the nights of the info two years in a row shows his expertise. His "plus"? He was the first student entrepreneur in France. Very direct by nature, you are sure to get a straightforward answer as to the feasibility of your project !

Stéphane Ngo

Co-founder - CEO

Rigorous and charismatic, his passion in life is human contact, exchange and sharing. This entrepreneur at heart today manages the business relationships with our customers. You will understand, Philippe is your privileged interlocutor, available and at your disposal. The proof is, Philippe's phone only leaves his ear when he is with his children !

Philippe Lafon

Co-founder -Commercial Director

Mathieu is our specialist knowledge management and gamification, his 10 years of experience on these topics are there to prove it. Strength of proposal, he accompanies our customers in the development of their projects. His culture and agility today allow him to excel in his field. This sports fan is in perpetual motion and has energy to spare. Namely, he likes to take up sports challenges as well as professional challenges!

Mathieu Chevalier

Co-founder- Advisory and Innovation Director

Loïc, it's our self-taught. Originally a locksmith, he has completely converted to become a developer and let his overflowing creativity speak. At Skillbase since 2 years, his efforts have allowed him to join the largest design school in the world: Les Gobelins. From the creation of new uses to the customization of interface through the realization of 3D, Loïc is what we can call a true jack-of-all-trades.

Loïc Belaïd-Remesal

Front Developer

Ambitious and determined, Anne-Sophie didn't hesitate a second to leave her little comfort of life to try the parisian adventure. Becoming a project manager was her dream and she knew how to give herself the means to achieve it. His mission ? She is responsible for communicating on Skillbase and marketing all our offers.

Anne-Sophie Cambuzat

Marketing and Communication Manager

Strong of her career of designer since 2008, Natasïa is animated by the creation and passionate by the design. Thanks to its transversal skills, it combines analysis (UX) and creativity (UI) to sublimate each project on which it is involved. At the same time project director, facilitator, consultant, she assumes different roles at Skillbase for the greatest satisfaction of our customers: an engaging experience.

Natasïa Cheminelle

Artistic Director

Originally from China where he validated a bachelor degree at the University of XiDian, Bian continued his studies in France in 2015, at the Ecole Nationale Superieure Mines-Telecom Lille-Douai where he validated his engineering degree. He joins Skillbase in the wake. A true Swiss army knife, he works on all client projects as well as R & D thanks to his natural curiosity and his attraction for innovation.

Bian Xu

Full Stack Developer